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SuperFast data plan with monthly rental

  • 100GB
    Rs 999
  • 200GB
    Rs 1999
  • 300GB
    Rs 2999
  • 400GB
    Rs 3999
  • 500GB
    Rs 4999

Choose the right broadband for you

You can choose GCN superFast fibre Plans or standard fibre plans.

GCN Broadband For Home
With fibre broadband get your entire household online at the same time
Superfast fibre broadband is ideal for HD streaming, catch-up TV, gaming and more
Delivers smooth high-definition video
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Unlimited broadband

You can get GCN superFast fibre Plans with unlimited usage. No more worrying about hitting your usage limits. Our unlimited packages give you real peace of mind.

Unlimited broadband
Get total unlimited usage every month
Download and stream with no restrictions
We won't slow you down
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